Home » DISCO Starring Living Lab Copenhagen unlocks sustainable logistics with first local Open Day

That’s right! Last week, Copenhagen, one of DISCO’s Starring Living Labs, convened over 50 stakeholders from the urban logistics sector for an exciting event: on 3 April 2024, the City hosted its very first DISCO Open Day, showcasing its mission to collaboratively engineer solutions for urban logistics in Copenhagen and the Capital Region, steering towards a sustainable transport ecosystem.

The spotlight shone on the Digital Twin technology, a pivotal tool showcased by IRT SystemX. Through sophisticated simulations, stakeholders glimpsed potential transformations: shifts in driving patterns, the integration of MicroHubs, and the advent of Off-Hour Deliveries.

These simulations aren’t just visionary; they’re actionable insights driving tangible change. As the day unfolded, discussions delved deep into the logistics landscape, fueled by a shared commitment to sustainability. The collaboration between stakeholders and the embrace of cutting-edge technology underscored a collective dedication to shaping a greener, more efficient future for urban logistics.

Congratulations to the Copenhagen Living Lab team for successfully conducting such an inspiring event! Stay tuned as we reveal more of our Living Labs as they go through their journey towards sustainable urban logistics.