Home » DISCO takes off at the Urban Mobility Days 2023 in Sevilla

On 3 October, prior to the Urban Mobility Days (UMDs), DISCO joined the first gathering of the current Coordination and Support Action for the CIVITAS Initiative. CIVITAS MUSE primarily engages in support activities to boost the impact of CIVITAS Community activities on sustainable urban mobility policy.

The meetings were attended by the evaluation and dissemination managers from the EU-funded projects under the CIVITAS Programme umbrella, project officers and other representatives from CINEA. DISCO was represented by FIT Consulting and POLIS. These meetings kick-started CIVITAS’ aims to create synergies among the various mobility projects and enable streamlined peer-learning.

In the afternoon, DISCO joined a meeting specifically focused on urban freight, to enable more in-depth personal connections, peer-learning and public-facing synergies in dissemination work going forward between ongoing projects, such as URBANE, DISCO, GREEN-LOG and UNCHAIN.

A timeline for 2024 was agreed on and next meeting is due to take place in early Spring. The next plenary Evaluation Group Meeting is scheduled to take place next September (along with the CIVITAS Forum).

The following days, during the UMDs, DISCO was featured in the exhibition area in a stand shared with the sister project UNCHAIN. On 6 October, DISCO was pitched in the plenary by the project coordinator Paola Cossu (FIT Consulting) along with other newly funded projects under the Horizon Europe Programme.