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The project coordinator Paola Cossu attended the final event of the UlaaDS (Urban Logistics as an on-Demand Service) EU-funded project in Barcelona on 15-16 October. She joined a panel discussion along with Michael Glotz-Richter (City of Bremen), Breogan Sanchez ((Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation)) and Manon Levrey (Interface Transport). It focused on the status of urban logistics, touching on key lessons from ULaaDS and SENATOR, and exploring how new EU-funded projects could utilise these insights.

Collaboration, finding the right space for urban logistics, inclusion of SULPs in SUMPs, cargo hitching and data sharing to improve quality of life with more sustainable, efficient and resilient operations were some of the key topics treated.

As Paola Cossu stated, “If we pool resources and share learnings at EU level, having as main goal to taking care of people and business, we will succeed in replicating and adopting winning solutions for better planning, awareness, fair and balanced decision making, supporting business while reducing uncertainty, empty and unnecessary miles!”