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Boosting advanced B2C/B2B last-mile for local commerce valorising micro-hubs in underused spaces, powered by smart predictive models, and operated by zero-emission vehicles and smart curb side use, generating green business opportunities.

The Zaragoza Living Lab will enhance its last mile delivery thanks to an adapted Control Tower of multi stakeholder delivery management. It will boost local commerce via the integration and enhancement of the Citizen Card and the Volveremos groupon program, which provide an understanding of the transport and social behaviours. The Data Space will be utilised as a solid platform to create added value to the city by developing a vision and a work line withinthe City’s #DataLab team’s adapted to the guidelines of the Data Act initiative. All in all, the results from DISCO will motivate the generation of guidelines, storytelling, APIs, predictive based algorithms, and models to facilitate the adoption and replication among other European mid-size cities.