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Dynamic urban space re-allocation adopting modular lockers and coordinated network in real-time with logistics service providers.

The City of Padua is a major centre for services, tourism, and culture, and is surrounded by a large, dynamic area that has experienced significant growth in recent years and, as such, is a significant generator of travel.

The city is well connected with neighbouring cities in the Veneto Region, and with long-distance transport networks. It is one of the selected 100 EU “Mission climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030”: to accelerate achievement of its decarbonisation goals, the city to improve and further decarbonize urban logistics and reduce freight flows.

The Padua Living Lab will consist in the development and implementation of innovative urban logistics solutions based on the cutting-edge innovative system called NEXT, focused on urban space re-allocation, in terms of static shared micro-hubs, dynamic lockers and temporary shops (dynamic urban space re-allocation). The LL will integrate a “dynamic urban logistics network” made of strategically positioned logistics urban hubs to consolidate transport flows. Shared infrastructure and available urban spaces (local microhubs) will define the innovative concept of “dynamic lockers”.