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Boosting advanced B2C/B2B last-mile for local commerce valorising micro-hubs in underused spaces, powered by smart predictive models and operated by zero-emission vehicles and smart curb side use, generating green business opportunities.

Barcelona, Valencia, and Zaragoza have established a well-connected cluster of cities belonging to the same country (Spain) to empower the positive effects of implementation, uptake, and replication potentials of sets of complementary measures on a larger scale and in various local conditions. All the three cities have ambitious plans and sustainable goals and have therefore all been selected as part of the “100 EU Mission climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030”.

The Spanish Cluster will be testing all DISCO innovation models. The Barcelona Living Lab will develop a Decision Support System to measure and predict the demand of freight trips in the city. The valorisation of the data gathered and of the existing Digital Twin infrastructure will improve the City’s capacity to respond to city logistics needs for more dynamic operations and urban space and other assets use. The new curb management model is expected to significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the last mile transportation system of the city and could be used as a paradigm shift towards digital management of L/U parking slots for logistics processes.