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In April 2024, Dublin will host the 10th biennial Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference, offering a vibrant platform for mobility professionals to exchange insights, gain inspiration, and stay abreast of advancements in transport. This premier European conference brings together academics, policymakers, industry leaders, and stakeholders for four days of dynamic discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities.

Expect an array of enlightening discussions at #TRA2024, addressing key mobility challenges and showcasing innovative solutions. Expert speakers will delve into four central themes: Safe & Inclusive Transport, Sustainable Mobility of People and Goods, Efficient & Resilient Systems, and Collaborative Digitalization.

Attendance at TRA Conferences typically draws a diverse crowd from across Europe and beyond, with anticipated participation of up to 3,000 attendees from 60 countries, offering over 100 sessions to engage with.

For further details, access the full TRA 2024 Programme here.

Discover DISCO at TRA2024!

DISCO will be featured in two sessions alongside other urban logistics projects, represented by several of our partners:

Special Session 2.3 Innovation in Urban Logistics: Public and Private Sectors Thriving Together

Date: Tuesday, 16 April

Time: 9:45am – 11:am CEST

Location: Hall 8A-3 (Simmonscourt)

This session aims to share lessons learned in urban logistics from EU-funded R&I projects and create a common vision for the use of innovative solutions in zero-emission urban freight transport. The session will feature projects in which city authorities, logistics service providers, and innovation developers are engaged to implement living labs that enable businesses and cities to thrive together. Moreover, it will highlight some of the leading innovative solutions for efficient and sustainable urban freight transport, such as digital twins, Physical Internet, and zero-emission vehicles.

DISCO will be represented by our partners who are featured as panellists:

Poster Session 3.4 Logistics and Sustainable Transport

Date: Tuesday, 16 April

Time: 2;30pm – 3:45pm CEST

Location: Hall 8C – Poster Area Simmonscourt, Stage 4

Our Project Manager Paola Astegiano (FIT Consulting) will participate in this session with a poster on DISCO, sharing an introductory presentation on our project.

Plus, make sure to find DISCO at our partner ALICE’s Innovation Village! The stand will be located close to the European Commission’s stand, ERTRAC’s, CCAM’s & other Partners –  Take a look at the venue Floor Plan.

Physical Internet (PI) is a concept for system-thinking of city infrastructures like computing assets that can be provisioned “on-demand” through cloud-like “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) concepts (Franklin et al., 2023). PI proposes pooling resources and assets in open, connected, synchro-modal and shared networks so that they can be used seamlessly by network users and partners.

In a PI environment, real-time freight data sharing and route optimisations become critical tools for operators, allowing swift response to delays, reducing dwell times, and realizing efficiency benefits. PI advocates for greater policy consistency in data-sharing ecosystems, urging city governments to adopt a collaborative, data-driven approach to policymaking and sustainable planning.

In this webinar on 27 March 2024, you will hear current practices that embrace the concept of Physical Internet to increase efficiency while contributing to the decarbonisation of the sector.

Register here

The webinar is supported by two ongoing EU-funded projects: DISCO and URBANE.

URBANE, or Upscaling Innovative Green Urban Logistics Solutions Through Multi-Actor Collaboration and Physical Internet (PI)-inspired Last Mile Deliveries, is a HORIZON Europe project that supports the transition path towards effective, resilient, safe and sustainable last-mile transport, through four Lighthouse Living Labs (LL) in Helsinki, Bologna, Valladolid and Thessaloniki. This will facilitated by its URBANE Innovation Transferability Platform comprising Digital Twinning Tools, open models, smart contracts governed by blockchain technology and a data-driven Impact Assessment Radar.

Draft Agenda

12:00    Welcome & introduction to the workshop, Paola Cossu, Co-Chair of the ALICE TG on Urban logistics

12:05    The URBANE Living Lab in Bologna, Alice Benini – Project manager at the Institute for Transport and Logistics (ITL)

12:20    Business representative (tbc)

12:35    Open discussion and Q&A from the audience,  Paola Cossu

12:55    Wrap up and next steps, Raffaele Vergnani, Urban Freight Cluster Lead at POLIS

POLIS-ALICE 2024 webinar series

A strategic discussion has been in place between POLIS and ALICE since 2019, which has resulted in a strong and well-recognised alliance between the two organisations over the years. The common vision of this venture is to support each other’s members to accelerate the transition as fast as and as effectively as possible by continuous gathering and sharing of initiatives, and networking activities facilitating collaboration. Both organizations want to be at the forefront of urban transformation, proactively addressing issues with pollution, traffic, safety, and the environment through urban freight and logistics.

Across the series, governance, technology, planning, incentive schemes and more are explored. It is a chance to learn how public-private partnerships are being deployed in novel ways to leverage cutting-edge digital technologies and data-sharing mechanisms. It will also provide an opportunity to hear about new concepts and opportunities between ongoing EU-funded projects and initiatives.

Most of the webinars in this series are reserved exclusively for POLIS and ALICE members, with a select few open to the public.